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Fusty Cunt Tapes

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Fall 2019

6 new tapes and 1 LP available now


Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Spring 2019 Batch

Opened up a Big Cartel to make things a bit easier on everyone to order. The new site as well as all descriptions of new products can be found here:


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Monday, December 10, 2018

December 2018

FUC 201: Hanzo Hasashi - Fluid Loss C44
"A mysterious project revolving in the areas of modern cut-up harsh noise mixed with field recordings, synthesizers, jazz or classic industrial.
Very explosive and intense mix, often compared to fellow professionals such as Kazuma Kubota, Kazumoto Endo or Incapacitants.
Released albums previously on labels such as Dear Girl Called Wendy and Phage Tapes."

Sample: https://soundcloud.com/jimharas/hanzo-hasashi-blind-king

FUC 202: Blood Of Chhinnamastika - Promise Of Delusion C40
"Harsh cut ups and blackened power electronics juxtaposed with dark ambient. Inspired by the unholy knowledge of left hand path Tantrikas."

Sample: https://soundcloud.com/jimharas/blood-of-chhinnamastika-sample

FUC 203: AyatollaH - 4 Secrecciones Metabólicas C32
From Columbia. Four densely packed atmospheric industrial passages with sporadic hits of harsh.

Sample: https://soundcloud.com/jimharas/ayatollah-sample

FUC 204: Aether - Mechanistic C60
"Sounds from the industrial collapse of the Earth. Screeching and dynamic atmosphere. Entropy machine."

Sample: https://soundcloud.com/jimharas/aether-sample

FUC 205: Controlled Opposition - P.A.C. C40
"Politics is not a science, but an art. And so our art must be political and not scientific. Since the end of World War 2, the United States has controlled the global economy, ensuring our endless supply of beef, sugar, oil, and entertainment. At home, the political theater is a sitcom; abroad, a grand guignol.
Controlled Opposition, the combined efforts of Leo Brochu and Anthony Amelang, doesn’t deal in middling moral criticism. “P.A.C.” was inspired by the shooting of congressman Steve Scalise. On this point, we can say little else. Listen and learn. The true history of the United States isn’t secret. They dare you to believe the most brazen lies, knowing the truth is a thousand times worse."

Sample: https://soundcloud.com/jimharas/controlled-opposition-sample

FUC 206: Mallard Theory - Expectations And Disappointment C20
Twenty minutes of pure duck harsh noise. Feel the power of the duck.

Sample: https://soundcloud.com/jimharas/mallard-theory-sample

FUC 207: Pollutant - Walking Among The Gods Of War s/sC60
"Highly political power electronics. Harsh and scathing. Din tid är kommen, grisjävel."

Sample: https://soundcloud.com/jimharas/pollutant-face-the-consequences

FUC 208: Heretic Grail/Deterge - Split C15
Power electronics split focusing on minute details of war.

FUC 209: Heretic Grail - On The Heels Of Insignificance C40
Fourth full length from Heretic Grail. This time more structured and minimal yet noise rich. Focus on Militant perversions and depravity.

Sample: https://soundcloud.com/jimharas/heretic-grail-organsilk

All tapes $7 each +$3.50 flat rate shipping in the US
Complete batch total $50 ppd in the US
International orders email for shipping cost.

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Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Late August 2018

Late Aug 2018

Large batch consisting of 11 titles. Some of the catalog numbers you may notice are fairly old, they were assigned long ago and are finally seeing the light of day.

FUC 136: Boar - Union Park C60
Boar continues to be a front runner in American harsh noise cut-up and this album proves it. Clocking in at just under 60 minutes, Union Park keeps you at constant edge never allowing any time to relax. Always on the go. Features remixing by Purgist, Human Fluid Rot, the mighty Kenny Sanderson of Facialmess as well as others.

Boar Sample: https://soundcloud.com/jimharas/boar-sample-1

FUC 140: Stress Orphan/Deterge - Split C15
Short but powerful offering between these two. SO shows off his impeccable production skills with a heavy slab entitled Mouth. Deterge here with a philosophical take on physics called Causal Closure.

SO/Deterge Sample: https://soundcloud.com/jimharas/stressorphan-deterge-sample

FUC 141: Culled - Freefall C27
Culled have taken over as one of Chicago's finest harsh noise duos. Part cut-up, part frenzied Japanese worship, all power.

Culled Sample: https://soundcloud.com/jimharas/culled-freefall-sample

FUC 148: Cadu Tenório - Vozes C44
Cadu (the man behind Brazil's horrific power electronics project VICTIM!) returns to Fusty with another solo full length. This is a mix of creepy experimental ambient with hints of industrial. As always with Cadu's work, the production is high end.

Cadu Sample: https://soundcloud.com/jimharas/cadu-vozes-sample

FUC 191: Mania/Deterge - Garrulous Opinion C30
Second pressing of the collaboration tape that originally came with the special edition of the Mania/Deterge split LP.

No sample

FUC 194: Commuter - Chuo Line Express C15
Man behind the power electronics outfit Herukrat offers a short, harsh burst conceptually based around manipulated field recordings of 4 different Japanese railway platforms. Comes with 2 double sided insert cards. Experience agoraphobia and claustrophobia simultaneously.

Commuter Sample: https://soundcloud.com/jimharas/commuter-sample

FUC 195: Support - III C10
Support Emma González. Support conflict.

Support Sample: https://soundcloud.com/jimharas/support-iii-sample

FUC 196: Крона/Gradatsiya - Split C30
Two tracks each from these Russian newcomers. Крона hits with a harsh noise assault inspired by Lovecraftian horrors. Gradatsiya come to us with whirling, machine induced power electronics.

Крона/Gradatsiya Sample: https://soundcloud.com/jimharas/kpoha-gradatsiya-sample

FUC 197: Heretic Grail - Gleaming Spite C44
Second recorded full length (the first will be released later this year by the mighty Breathing Problem Productions) from this new mysterious power electronics outfit. Heavily influenced by the likes of Genocide Organ and Grey Wolves. Cold and dimly lit black metal vibe throughout, while track 3 contains lyrics provided by JFN of the legendary horde Absurd.

HG Gleaming Spite Sample: https://soundcloud.com/jimharas/heretic-grail-human-disgust-sample

FUC 198: Heretic Grail - Heavy Dishonourment C10
Short, individually seperate offering from the full lenght. Heavier industrial sound with this. In opposition with treason.

HG Heavy Dis Sample: https://soundcloud.com/jimharas/heretic-grail-heavy-dis-sample

FUC 199: Atrox Petis - 12th Cell C60
Devastatingly heavy industrialized dark ambient from Grant Richardson of Gnawed. A lonely journey through abandoned shorelines near Minneapolis complete with manipulated field recordings of such locations. Each package contains various rusted artifacts from around lost Pittsburgh relics, a sister city in decay.

Atrox Petis Sample: https://soundcloud.com/jimharas/atrox-petis-sample

Still available:
Mania/Deterge - Lay Waste/Future Of Pulse         LP $15
Blue Sabbath Black Cheer/Actuary - Split            LP $11
Climax Denial - Finishing Touch                          LP $12
Rectal Hygienics - Live @ Varnish                       LP  $11
Stress Orphan - Mass Causality Event                 CD $10
Jason Crumer w/DJ EOF - Absolute Class War   CD $10
Koufar - Lebanon For Lebanese                           CD $10

All titles $7 each
Flat rate shipping of $3.50 in the US, be it one tape or eleven.
Deal for 10 new tapes (not counting Mania/Deterge): $63 ppd in the US.
International customers please email for shipping rates.

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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

FUC 190: Mania/Deterge - Lay Waste/Future Of Pulse [Split LP]

FUC 190: Mania/Deterge - Lay Waste/Future Of Pulse [Split LP]

Two versions available: Standard edition [limited to 190] and special edition [limited to 35].

Jugernaut of a split between two leading US power electronics artists.
Mania side recorded and mixed during the same sessions as 2017s "Little Pieces Of Violence" on Phage Tapes; which, if you have heard it, you know it was one of the best titles last year and one of the highlight's of Mania's legendary output.
Deterge side focuses on 2016's Pulse Nightclub shooting which has initiated a longstanding debate on gun control in the US. The material does not glorify nor condemn the actual shooting, but offers a view on how citizens react to tragedies and the future of such instances.
Includes double-sided, full-color insert.

Special edition includes a collaboration C30 [FUC 191] between the two artists using original materal as well as source from each artist. Side A mixed by Mania, Side B mixed by Deterge. As well as a hand-numbered metal plate shot with the following guns:
Bulgarian AK47, Yugoslavian SKS, Russian VEPR 7.62x54r, AR15, Chiappa AK47, compact 1911, CZ75 Clone and Beretta 9mm.

Standard edition: $18ppd in the US
Special editon:     SOLD OUT
International customers email for shipping.

email: jimharas@yahoo.com
paypal: nick_haras@yahoo.com

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

April 2018

New titles from Fusty - April 2018

FUC 183: Stroker - Jump Street s/sC40
Philly harsh noise done right. Heavy and powerful. Best material to date.
Program repeats on both sides.
Stroker sample: https://soundcloud.com/jimharas/stroker-sample

FUC 185: Astro/Winters In Osaka - C60
Collaborative effort from Astro and (the first material in 3+ years from) Winters In Osaka. Expect no drones on this one; this is a lengthy full on harsh noise assault.
Astro/WIO sample: https://soundcloud.com/jimharas/astro-wio-sample

FUC 186: Délinquance Juvénile - Chavs Night/Tape Program Search System C60
French industrial tape music. 1980s and 2010s collide for a modern take on an old classic.
Délinquance Juvénile sample: https://soundcloud.com/jimharas/del-juevi-sample

FUC 187: Fleeting Breath - Bridle Reign C34
Iowa Ambient Harsh Noise that really isn't either of each. Too harsh for ambient, but teases you because it doesn't blast you either. Good stuff.
Fleeting Breath sample: https://soundcloud.com/jimharas/fleeting-breath-sample

FUC 188: Sverigedemokraterna - Bevara Sverige Svenskt C22
Swedish political power electronics. Inte för den svaga. Köp inte om detta material får dig att gråta.
Sverigedemokraterna sample: https://soundcloud.com/jimharas/sverigedem-sample

FUC 189: Limbs Bin - Joy Of Power C30
Two live performances (Milwaukee and Portland, ME). Quick burst power electronics / noisecore. Milwaukee side is full of amazing heckling.
Limbs Bin sample: https://soundcloud.com/jimharas/limbs-bin-sample

FUC 192: Koufar - Man Makes Elaborate Plans And God Laughs C20
Extra copies from the t-shirt pre-order bundle. You know what this is.

FUC 193: Deterge - Superannuated C60+C44 boxset
Four long slabs of harsh noise based on the disappearance of Traditionalism in American society.
Two cassettes housed in a large vinyl case with 36 individual 4x6 collage inserts. Limited quantities.

Left of copies of Deterge/MBD tour collaboration also available while supplies last.

Coming in a few weeks: Mania/Deterge - Split LP

All individual cassettes = $7
Deterge boxset = $20
Flat rate shipping = $3.50

email: jimharas@yahoo.com
paypal: nick_haras@yahoo.com