Fusty Cunt Tapes

Fusty Cunt Tapes

Monday, December 28, 2009


Had to type something to start this thing.

For sale at the moment:
Pyrrhic Thanatology Monger/Winters In Osaka - Collaboration 1 sided c20
HammerSmashed3Yr.OldGash - Odd Phantoms c47
Pyrrhic Thanatology Monger - Free Health Care c10
Pyrrhic Thanatology Monger - Sanitation Committee c10
Deterge - Verbatim c10
Pyrrhic Thanatology Monger/Whorifik - Split c10

Coming Soon:
Pyrrhic Thanatology Monger - Totaliterrier c20
Disthroned Agony - "..." c47
AODL - "..." c30
Comp. featuring a lot of good shit. 2xc10