Fusty Cunt Tapes

Fusty Cunt Tapes

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

December 2012 batch

FUC 76 - Filth - Beyond The Five Senses C45
Not your average industrial PE here. Filth takes all the aspects of primitive industrial and adds a very modern touch. Rhythm, tape manipulation feedback, vocals and television manipulation make up the bones of this bleak beast. Go beyond visual; go beyond aural.

FUC 77 – Winters In Osaka/The Communion - Split C20

Winters delivers the usual blend of creeped out drone nightmares. Adam Jennings, Chris Dodge,
Andy Lippoldt, Mackenzie Chami on this particular recording
The Communion offer 3 tracks of grinding/doom. Quick, in your face and to the point.

FUC 78 - Damno Te - Sabi C20

Returning after many years of silence. Damno Te delivers a great blend of feedback and pedal worship done proper. Each movement is precise, dynamic textures throughout. Repeat listening is a must to catch all the layers.

FUC 79 - Anonymous C16

Complete anonymity is uncomfortable. Listening to something and never knowing who it is is nerve wreaking. This tape offers scrap metal destruction: nothing more, nothing less. This is a double-blind study in ignorance. Neither the listener, nor I, will ever know who this really is.
No sound sample. Take a chance; be brave.

FUC 80 - Isolation Order - Erosion C20

Very slow moving harsh noise. Metal and tape-hiss. An exercise in decay. Listen loud.

FUC 83 - Crown of Cerberus & Ashley C – Split C26

Crown Of Cerberus offers a blend of dirty and beautiful tape-loop manipulations. The strength of one, the strength of her.
Ashley C leaves you feeling alone with natural high-end. Not so much metal destruction, more metal appreciation. Silence is key in this one.

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Each tape:
$6 ppd US

$8 ppd Canada
$11 ppd WORLD (sorry postage is really insane now)

All 6 tapes:
$25 ppd US

$33 ppd Canada
$39 ppd WORLD

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

FUC 65 Skin Graft/Deterge - Neglectronic LP

FUC 65: Skin Graft/Deterge - Neglectronic LP

Fusty Cunt is proud to announce it's first LP after 12 years running.
A bit of a roll reversal on this one.
Skin Graft opens up with its trademark scum atmosphere, yet here there is a much more defined power electronic feel. Through 3 tracks, you begin understanding the deep seeded theme of child neglect. Very slow and passive HNPE.
Deterge throws the cut-up noise and overly effected vocals that most are used to out the window for this side long track. Heavy industrial with constant mixing of low and high end sounds. Brings you up to climax then lets you down slowly.

The LP was cut perfectly and is honestly one of the loudest pieces of vinyl I've heard. To quote the pressing plant "...this was one of the most challenging cuts we've ever had to do. It took a long time to get it right...but we did it." I can highly appreciate the precision and professionalism.

Comes with 2 inserts, one of which is a double-sided, 2-color screen print by Sam Soxton (Phage Tapes).
All covers are hand made and there are 3 versions:
130 "face" covers (above)
40 "bound" covers (pic soon or just ask)
30 Die Hard editions (available soon)

All prices postpaid.
"Face" cover
US = $13, Canada = $15, ROW = $19
"Bound" cover
US = $14, Canada = $16, ROW =$20
"Die Hard"
Prices soon....

Thanks to Martin (UNREST) for the photo.
Copies will be available from Bondage Culture and UNREST soon.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Upcoming eventually:

FUC 48 - The Blackmoor Strangler - Il Ragno
FUC 64 - DWABFFRB/Hocksteader - Split
FUC 89 - Potier. - Untitled C20
FUC 91 - Deterge - Reductive Pentose Phosphate
FUC 92 - ........................

Saturday, July 7, 2012

July 2012: 7 New Tapes

FUC 54: Ascites - Leak Test
Dallas Texas' finest! True Incapacitants worship done right. Layers upon layers present in this one. Listen close, listen often. Edition of 75.

FUC 68: Death Axis - Utter Disgust C30
Ear piercing instrumental power electronics from Bulgaria. This was a difficult listen when it was presented to me and that's exactly why I'm releasing it. Synth manipulation focusing on high-end  blasts and mid-FQ crackles and rumbles. Listen loud! Edition of 30.

FUC 71: Halalnihil - Freedom Destroyer C20
Unique power electronics from Hungary. Limited to 30. Artist description:
Freedom Destroyer is Halalnihil's fifth regular EP. This near 20 minutes package features the mixture of noise/harsh noise, power electronics, and black metalish vocals. A very transparent sounding, but nasty production and equipment use, Halalnihil shows again how it's imagine the noise/power electronics genres. As Hungary's most active* artist of these two genres, Freedom Destroyer was unleashed to crush every listener with it's nefarious ambience. Castration, abstinence, interracial hospital group rape for living in a home.. themes like that dominate. This EP is for everyone, who wants to hear something new, something real noise/power electronics from Hungary.

FUC 72: Citizen 2-13 - Threshold Fluctuations C30
New Milwaukee harsh noise. Dynamic fluctuations from smooth rumbles to quick pedal cut-ups.  
Listen loud. Artwork by Si Clark. Edition of 50.
Citizen 2-13 sample

FUC 73: Diaphragmatic - Exsanguinate C30
Nate Tandy (from the sibling duo Orgasmic Response Unit) proves that less is more. A variety of sounds from a single metal source allows the listener to experience minimal junk abuse. Highly recommended No Coast Harsh Noise. Edition of 50.
Diaphragmatic sample

FUC 74: Mazakon Tactics - Tunnel Existence C33
Absolutely stunning industrial/power electronics from Germany. Repetition is key in this one. Layers of sound and rhythm intertwining sparsely demonstrating closely composed songs. Low, whispered vocals lend to an already creepy vibe. Edition of 75.
Mazakon Tactics sample

As per the artists request, Mazakon Tactics has been discontinued from the Fusty Cunt catalog indefinitely. 

FUC 75: Deterge - Peace Corps C10
Opening the vaults on this one. Very old, primitive recording from 2006 that hasn't seen the light of day until now because I could never create proper artwork for it. Sources include tapes, metal, globes & maps and vocals. Completely different than current work, although you can sense the stepping stones. Edition of 50.
Deterge sample

1 tape = $6US/$9World
4 tapes = $22US/$27World
All 7 = $30US/$36World

Offer applies to any items from previous batches. Please visit http://fustycunttapes.blogspot.com/ for titles.

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Sunday, April 8, 2012

[b]FUC 63 - Philosophy Of Knives - Violent Death To Rapist Scum C15[/b]

Grindnoise/Power Electronics brought to you by Nyodene D. Attack on the male dominated society. Sloppy drums, sloppy bass, regurgitated vocals. The way grind should sound. Material repeats on both sides.

Sample: [url]http://soundcloud.com/jimharas/phil-of-knives-sample[/url]

[b]FUC 66 - Cremation Lily - Leather Satchel C15[/b]

Cold-synth/junk noise, instrumental power electronics from the UK. Newcomer, but surely doing things right. Perfect atmosphere from birth to death. Cover illustration by Sophie Penrose.

Sample: [url]http://soundcloud.com/jimharas/cremation-lily-sample[/url]

[b]FUC 67 - Swarm Survival - Heavy Losses C20[/b]

Piercing high end power electronics/harsh noise. New no-coaster from my neck of the woods. Based on locust plagues.

Sample: [url]http://soundcloud.com/jimharas/swarm-survival-sample[/url]

[b]FUC 70 - Winters In Osaka/Hodr - Split C47[/b]

Winters continues on the creepy harsh drone path with 5 tracks. Hodr compliments WiO with 3 creepy dark ambient tracks using synths and samples.

WiO Sample: [url]http://soundcloud.com/jimharas/winters-in-osaka-sample[/url]
Hodr Sample: [url]http://soundcloud.com/jimharas/hodr-sample[/url]

Each tape: $6/9 PPD US/World
All 4: $18/$27

4 tape deal applies to all previously released tapes also (double tapes count as 2)

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FUC 48 - The Blackmoor Strangler - Il Ragno
FUC 54 - Ascities - Leak Test
FUC 64 - DWABFFRB/Hocksteader - Split
FUC 65 - Skin Graft/Deterge - Neglectronics split 12"
FUC 68 - Death Axis - Utter Disgust
FUC 69 - Urine Cop - Lean Hard 7"

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

First FC batch of 2012.

FUC 56 - Carl Kruger - Gary, New Duluth (C60)
Carl hits hard with two ultra layered 30 minute tracks. Different from much of his earlier works, this album relies on patience and slowly shifting sound. NOT "HNW" by any means, just good old fashion noise.
Sample: [url]http://soundcloud.com/jimharas/carl-kruger-sample[/url]

FUC 57 - Gapers - Wide (C10)
Completely autistic, shitbag power electronics from some of the worst Chicago has to offer. 18 tracks of "fuck you" to anyone that thinks they matter. Nothing matters, including you.
2 track sample: [url]http://soundcloud.com/jimharas/gapers-2-sample-tracks[/url]

FUC 58 - Control Unit - Steel Tape (C21)
Italian duo of Silvia Kastel and Ninni Morgia. 4 tracks of guitar noise with hauntingly beautiful spoken/sung vocals. Uneasy listen for uneasy times. Dubbed on a C60 (repeated on both sides) for a demo-like feel. Tracks are to be listened to without having to flip the tape.
Sample: [url]http://soundcloud.com/jimharas/control-unit-sample[/url]

FUC 59 - Bachir Gemayel - Al-Noumour (2xC12)
Long awaited return of Bachir. Harsh noise with public speech collaboration. These tapes do their job as a single unit, but the real power is heard when listened to simultaneously (A with C, B with D). Complex listen. Includes manifesto by M. Chami and 1 insert.
Three samples: [url]http://soundcloud.com/jimharas/bachir-sample-side-a-side-c[/url]

FUC 60 - Winters In Osaka - Common Fear (C90)
First compilation in a series of 4 containing past WiO material. This tape focuses on the dreary, lengthy side of WiO. The kind of drones that make you want to just end it all.
Sample: NONE, you already know what it sounds like.

FUC 61 - Hostage Pageant - Filth Consumption Tactics (C20)
Insanely complex harsh noise from this future master. Layers, dynamics and textures take you on what feels like a roller coaster ride that has bolted off its tracks. You want your HN harsher you say? This is for you.
Sample: [url]http://soundcloud.com/jimharas/hostage-pageant-sample[/url]

FUC 62 - Sirotek - A Hole In My Heart (C30)
Very well crafted HN from Russia. There is a clear theme of loss in this piece that lives up to its track titles. Harsh noise with a cold, depressing atmosphere just as you should expect from our northernmost friends...or enemies.
Sample: [url]http://soundcloud.com/jimharas/sirotek-samples[/url]

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All cassettes PPD.
Single cassettes = $6US/$9RoW
Double cassette = $8US/$11Row

buy any 4 for $22/$30....$23/$31 if Bachir is included
buy all 7 for $36/$46