Fusty Cunt Tapes

Fusty Cunt Tapes

Thursday, September 29, 2016

October 2016

FUC 143: Deterge - Anoint C60
60 minutes, 4 tracks of unpolished Power Electronics focused on the 4 mysteries of  the rosary. Packaged with a rosary and pamphlet on prayer and meaning of the rosary.

FUC 153: HollowHecatomb - The Combat Initiative C30
Six tracks of industrial soaked metal. For fans of Godflesh with a heavier focus on experimentation.

FUC 155: Deterge - Civility C10
Civil war PE. Choose a side.

FUC 157: Viridiplantae - Untitled C15
Organic, natural acoustic cut up.

FUC 157: Culled - II C20
Electronic manipulations. Think Smegma but more destroyed. Features a member of Swarm Survival.

FUC  159: Stress Orphan - Mass Causality Event CD
Full length pro CD of fierce PE with moments of decayed reflection.

FUC 160: Blessed Sacrifist/Bride - Split C40
BS brings melancholic PE. Bride brings ritualistic industrial, features a member of TOMB.

FUC 161: Koufar/Deterge - Collhge Notre-Dame de Jamhour C10
One side from each focusing on Pan-Arabism. BPWW.

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