Fusty Cunt Tapes

Fusty Cunt Tapes

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

December 2017

Last batch to ring out the old year.

FUC 156: Full Service Available - S/T C90
Personalized field recordings of Japanese brothel visits with underlying drone frequencies. Collaboration between two of the worst.

No sample take a chance.


FUC 162: Blue Sabbath Black Cheer / Actuary - Split LP
One new track each.
BSBC brings you their blend of heavy industrial mixed with sparse elements of harsh noise. First offering in about 2 years.
Actuary's track sounds can only be described as "Atmospheric Harsh." Tortured vocals and strangled electronics.
Limited to 150, each LP is single sided with a hand stenciled B-side with original art by JR. Four color screen printed covers by Sam Stoxen (Phage Tapes) and a double sided insert.
Do not pass this one up!

Actuary Sample
BSBC Sample

FUC 177: MBD - Incorruptible C10
Power electronics based around Christian, Buddhist and Hindu corpse worship. Slow and creeping.
MBD Sample

FUC 178: Celluloid Murder - Dig Up C60
New school Japanoise. VHS pornography and young learner blend themed. Comes with many destroyed inserts.
Celluloid Murder Sample

FUC 179: V! - D C41
New moniker of a Fusty favorite and Brazil's VICTIM! Creepy, thought provoking power electronics.
Package contains hand pulverized brick dust in white butcher paper tied with twine.
V! Sample

FUC 180: 遗产 (Heritage) - 人口控制在整个世界 (Population Control Throughout the World) C25
Power electronics with an atmospheric/martial-industrial/techno tinge. Theme based around pro-life activism.
Heritage Sample

FUC 181: Cadu Tenório - Phantom Pain C60
First part in the personal Rimming Compilation series. Atmospheric synth musings from VICTIM! head honcho.
Cadu Tenorio Sample

FUC 182: Pollutant - Bowel Scrambler C20
Swedish gutter harsh noise.
Pollutant Sample

Cassettes $6 each.
LP = $12
All cassettes and LP deal: $45
Flat rate shipping: $3

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