Fusty Cunt Tapes

Fusty Cunt Tapes

Sunday, April 8, 2012

[b]FUC 63 - Philosophy Of Knives - Violent Death To Rapist Scum C15[/b]

Grindnoise/Power Electronics brought to you by Nyodene D. Attack on the male dominated society. Sloppy drums, sloppy bass, regurgitated vocals. The way grind should sound. Material repeats on both sides.

Sample: [url]http://soundcloud.com/jimharas/phil-of-knives-sample[/url]

[b]FUC 66 - Cremation Lily - Leather Satchel C15[/b]

Cold-synth/junk noise, instrumental power electronics from the UK. Newcomer, but surely doing things right. Perfect atmosphere from birth to death. Cover illustration by Sophie Penrose.

Sample: [url]http://soundcloud.com/jimharas/cremation-lily-sample[/url]

[b]FUC 67 - Swarm Survival - Heavy Losses C20[/b]

Piercing high end power electronics/harsh noise. New no-coaster from my neck of the woods. Based on locust plagues.

Sample: [url]http://soundcloud.com/jimharas/swarm-survival-sample[/url]

[b]FUC 70 - Winters In Osaka/Hodr - Split C47[/b]

Winters continues on the creepy harsh drone path with 5 tracks. Hodr compliments WiO with 3 creepy dark ambient tracks using synths and samples.

WiO Sample: [url]http://soundcloud.com/jimharas/winters-in-osaka-sample[/url]
Hodr Sample: [url]http://soundcloud.com/jimharas/hodr-sample[/url]

Each tape: $6/9 PPD US/World
All 4: $18/$27

4 tape deal applies to all previously released tapes also (double tapes count as 2)

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