Fusty Cunt Tapes

Fusty Cunt Tapes

Thursday, June 9, 2011


Finally after 2+ years in the making, I can proudly present you "ANHEDONIA"
Given only a theme of "denial of self gratification" and a specific time frame 20 artists from around the USA helped show how diverse modern noise and power electronics can be. Everyone has put their own spin on the theme coalescing with each of their specific sounds.

Produbbed, Type II yellow cassettes housed in a diaper complete with a 24-page booklet with personal artwork from each artist (except, Margaret Chardiet did the art for the Diaphragm track). Sure to ruin your day!

Artists include:
Hands Rendered Useless
Skin Graft
Ten Little Piggies
Jim Fellahean
Nyodene D
Endless Humiliation
Exploring Jezebel
Teeny Bopper

4-second clip from each artist respectively.


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Currently still available:

Deterge - QFT (C10, power electronics based on the sexual nature of the Quantum Field Theory)

...Massacre - After party Massacre (C47 + bcard CDr in a padded box, Harsh Noise revolving around films with "massacre" in the title)

Bachir Gemayel - Blitzkrig (C10, fast paced harsh noise with no distortion using bullets as a source and a Lebanese theme)

Peter J. Woods - New Works For Computerized Voice (C25 connected to an 8-track cassette, Power Electronics conducted with a computer processed voice)

AODL - Depravity Day (C30, Harsh Noise = enough said. Absolutely essential)

Dead Body Collection/Werewolf Jerusalem - Split (C90, Harsh Noise Wall. Tape wrapped in bloody gauze.)

Gnawed/Disthroned Agony - Split (C15, Power electronics from MN. Distinct midwest style.)

Hymnenesic Bilasic - Demo (CDr, Trance/Black Metal. Truly one of the best/worst things you'll ever hear)

Carl Kruger/Deign - Knees (Split C47, Digital harsh and sample based harsh)

Jason Soliday - Disquiet (C80, Super dynamic harsh noise. One of the best Chicago has to offer)

Tariff - Untitled (C10, Hardtechno/power electronics, packaged in an IRS tax return form with lyrics based on tax law.)

Nebula VII - Shining Of The Bleak Energy (C77, Dark ambient/black metal/power electronics. From Russia.)

Lefterna - Silence Is The Process Of Forever (C60 single sided, Completely unlistenable garbage. I had to release it because of this. )

Fouke - The Devil's Claw (C60, HNW based around Big Foot. Packaged with a bunch of real human and beast hair. Richard Rameriz project)