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Fusty Cunt Tapes

Monday, August 12, 2013

The Rita/Prurient

FUC 99: The Rita/Prurient - Women Pissing 7"
Fusty Cunt is proud to present a collaboration of two noise titans. Recorded years ago, this 7" offers what each artist does best: signature Rita noise under fierce Prurient vocals. One of the best collaboration 7"s you will ever own! Limited to 300 copies on purple and aqua vinyl.
No sound samples, trust your gut.

$8 ppd in the USA
International buyers email me first until I can get a standard.

Email: jimharas [at] yahoo [dot] com
Paypal: nick_haras [at] yahoo [dot] com

August 20013 Batch

FUC 89: Potier. - Convenient Sacrifice C20
Canadian up-and-coming harsh noise. Well crafted analogue static, frequency manipulation and feedback. Two side-long tracks.
Sample: Potier sample

FUC 91: Deterge - Reductive Pentose Phosphate C30
Studies of the light-independent Calvin Cycle in plant life. Special package comes with mason jar and a packet of seeds. Two side-long tracks. (limited to 18)

FUC 92: Image Boosters - 4 In The Morning (double A-sided C60)
Cutting edge power electronics/industrial with a hip-hop influence. Based around the after hours of the bar scene in Dallas, TX. Six tracks total.
Sample: Image Boosters Sample

FUC 93: Taklamakan/Vomir - Split C40
Taklamakan offers a bass heavy ambient noise wall. Vomir offers his brand of static HNW. One side-long track from each artist.
Samples: Taklamakan Sample
               Vomir Sample

FUC 96: Deterge - Truth Of Attraction C32
Two side-long tracks (one new, one from 2009) studying various chemical bonds in nature. Originally available at the Buffalo Scum Fest II. (17 copies of 75 left).
Sample: Deterge Sample

FUC 97: Constrain - Displaced Pressure C30
New outfit of Kevin from Heavy Psych and Droughter. Old school Cali harsh noise done right. Focus on timing and attention to lingering detail. Two side-long tracks.
Sample: Constrain Sample

FUC 101: VICTIM! - Reality Cut C40
Extremely well crafted and creepy PE from Brazil. Mixes the slow and steady attributes of Skin Graft with the silent mind of Deathpile. Highly recommended. Six tracks. Links to past VICTIM! releases
Sample: VICTIM! Sample

Email me at: jimharas[at]yahoo[dot]com
Paypal: nick_haras [at] yahoo [dot] com

All tapes $6 ppd in the US. (Except Deterge "RPP")
All 6 tapes $24 ppd in the US.
International buyers email me first for rates. The same deal ratio applies to all 6 tapes internationally.