Fusty Cunt Tapes

Fusty Cunt Tapes

Thursday, January 1, 2015

January 2015

Wanted to get this out before the end of 2014, but ran into some issues.
8 new titles from very different artists.

FUC 118: Deterge - Deity (C10)
Material from 2006 cut up and reproduced. Each side contains two 5 min tracks, one in each channel. Loud stereo or headphones are recommended.

FUC 119: Swarm Survival - Moss Conditions (C20)
Slowly creeping harsh drone.

FUC 120: Support - I (C10)
Power Electronics the way it should be. Putting a stop to the safe imagery that is overtaking.

FUC 121: Leo Brochu - Skin Hunters/Necrobusiness (C30)
Live harsh cut-up done right. Not really known outside the No Coast, but should be.

FUC 123: Streetmeat/Fäkalien - Split (C30)
Streetmeat plays harsh and pulsating PE. Fäkalien plays Lo-fi old school PE.

FUC 124: VICTIM! - Captivity/This Is What You Love, Young Man, And It Isn't Beautiful (C97)
Captivity is new material, recorded last year, and This Is What You Love... is a reissue that saw a very limited run. Absolutely essential. A true leader in new PE sound. Highest recommendation.

Video for "I Know You're Not Listening"

FUC 125: Dead Body Collection - Burial (In Memoriam) (C80)
Eulogy HNW.

FUC 126: Halalnihil - Magyar Kurva Az Ondoviharban (S/s C40)
Excellent, scathing harsh PE.

Each tape = $6US
Whole batch = $36US
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