Fusty Cunt Tapes

Fusty Cunt Tapes

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Dec 2013

FUC 95:  Deterge - Gestation (c14, c60, c20 boxset) SOLD OUT
Appropriately 9 months in the making, Deterge takes you through conception to postnatal month by month. A true development of different styles and sounds from power electronics, cut-up HN, wall noise, industrial, junk, ambiance and electronica.
Boxset includes many inserts and carefully crafted triptych collage work. Limited to 33.

Deterge Sample: https://soundcloud.com/jimharas/deterge-gestation-sample

FUC 106:  Interracial Sex - Alternative Eugenics (c32) $7
Cuckoldous power electronics from ex-Corpuscle member. Comes in vinyl pouch with x-ray and two inserts.

IrS Sample: https://soundcloud.com/jimharas/interracialsex-sample

FUC 108:  Climax Denial - Genitalization Of The Void (c30) $6
Old material, completely different direction. CD offers 4 tracks of industrial powernoise. Up tempo. Abrasive.

CD Sample:  https://soundcloud.com/jimharas/climaxdenial-sample

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Paypal: nick_haras [@] yahoo [dot] com
Ppd in the US. International email me for shipping quote.
All three: $35 in the US

Please allow 1 week for shipping.