Fusty Cunt Tapes

Fusty Cunt Tapes

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Currently still available:

Deterge - QFT (C10, power electronics based on the sexual nature of the Quantum Field Theory)

...Massacre - After party Massacre (C47 + bcard CDr in a padded box, Harsh Noise revolving around films with "massacre" in the title)

Bachir Gemayel - Blitzkrig (C10, fast paced harsh noise with no distortion using bullets as a source and a Lebanese theme)

Peter J. Woods - New Works For Computerized Voice (C25 connected to an 8-track cassette, Power Electronics conducted with a computer processed voice)

AODL - Depravity Day (C30, Harsh Noise = enough said. Absolutely essential)

Dead Body Collection/Werewolf Jerusalem - Split (C90, Harsh Noise Wall. Tape wrapped in bloody gauze.)

Gnawed/Disthroned Agony - Split (C15, Power electronics from MN. Distinct midwest style.)

Hymnenesic Bilasic - Demo (CDr, Trance/Black Metal. Truly one of the best/worst things you'll ever hear)

Carl Kruger/Deign - Knees (Split C47, Digital harsh and sample based harsh)

Jason Soliday - Disquiet (C80, Super dynamic harsh noise. One of the best Chicago has to offer)

Tariff - Untitled (C10, Hardtechno/power electronics, packaged in an IRS tax return form with lyrics based on tax law.)

Nebula VII - Shining Of The Bleak Energy (C77, Dark ambient/black metal/power electronics. From Russia.)

Lefterna - Silence Is The Process Of Forever (C60 single sided, Completely unlistenable garbage. I had to release it because of this. )

Fouke - The Devil's Claw (C60, HNW based around Big Foot. Packaged with a bunch of real human and beast hair. Richard Rameriz project)

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