Fusty Cunt Tapes

Fusty Cunt Tapes

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

December 2012 batch

FUC 76 - Filth - Beyond The Five Senses C45
Not your average industrial PE here. Filth takes all the aspects of primitive industrial and adds a very modern touch. Rhythm, tape manipulation feedback, vocals and television manipulation make up the bones of this bleak beast. Go beyond visual; go beyond aural.

FUC 77 – Winters In Osaka/The Communion - Split C20

Winters delivers the usual blend of creeped out drone nightmares. Adam Jennings, Chris Dodge,
Andy Lippoldt, Mackenzie Chami on this particular recording
The Communion offer 3 tracks of grinding/doom. Quick, in your face and to the point.

FUC 78 - Damno Te - Sabi C20

Returning after many years of silence. Damno Te delivers a great blend of feedback and pedal worship done proper. Each movement is precise, dynamic textures throughout. Repeat listening is a must to catch all the layers.

FUC 79 - Anonymous C16

Complete anonymity is uncomfortable. Listening to something and never knowing who it is is nerve wreaking. This tape offers scrap metal destruction: nothing more, nothing less. This is a double-blind study in ignorance. Neither the listener, nor I, will ever know who this really is.
No sound sample. Take a chance; be brave.

FUC 80 - Isolation Order - Erosion C20

Very slow moving harsh noise. Metal and tape-hiss. An exercise in decay. Listen loud.

FUC 83 - Crown of Cerberus & Ashley C – Split C26

Crown Of Cerberus offers a blend of dirty and beautiful tape-loop manipulations. The strength of one, the strength of her.
Ashley C leaves you feeling alone with natural high-end. Not so much metal destruction, more metal appreciation. Silence is key in this one.

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